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We are often asked loads of common questions, so we thought we'd write them all here to save you the bother of emailing us!


Q) Are your cheats tested?

A) Unfortunetly due to the sheer volume of cheats we recieve on a daily basis we cannot confirm all of the cheat codes. Whereever possible we will update the cheat codes to reflect any updates that we are informed of.


Q) How does your website make money?

A) Our website sponsors help fund this website, please do not use ad blockers to stop our advertisements from being shown! The only way we can stay free to use is by our users viewing the advertisements.

Q) How often are your cheat codes updated?

A) Our cheat codes are usually updated once per day, but everyone needs to take a day off from time to time so updates may sometime be delayed by a day or two but updates will always come don't worry!


Q) I know a cheat code, how do I tell you about it?

A) Submit the cheat code using our submission tool


Q) Is cheating bad?

A) Cheating is often referred to as bad, however cheating can offer more functionality to your games unlock features you couldn't see before inputting the cheat codes! Cheat codes also help when you cannot procede from where you are in the game currently, improving your gaming experience!

Q) What are cheats?

A) Cheats (or cheat codes) are a key sequence, a password or a method of changing something in a game that wouldn't normally be available to you or aid you do something in the game. An example of this would be god mode, or level skip.


Q) Can I ask you how to cheat?

A) Unfortunetly we may not have cheat codes for every 20,000+ games we list and we list every cheat code that we know of so please do not email us requesting more cheat codes, as we simply do not have any more!

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