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Breath of Fire cheats
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Release Date: July 2001
Genre: Console-style RPG
Last Update: 8 years ago
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Breath Fire
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Infinite Battle Loop
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To earn a large amount of experience with relative ease, go to Obelisk (the final dungeon of the game. It is floating in the middle of the red lake south of the town, Carmen). When you get up to the boss, Jade, he will ask you if you want to join up with him. Answer "Yes" and you will now be on his "side." DON'T PRESS ANY BUTTON AT THIS POINT!!! After waiting for a while, Jade will tell you that he is bored and that he would like for you and your party to entertain him. Then, you will be forced into battles with easy enemies (one enemy per battle). After a few battles, you will fight a monster called M.Slime. Defeating it will give your party 9999 Experience Points and 9999 Gold. Repeat the process for tons of Experience Points and Gold. To end the "Loop", press any button while waiting and tell him that you "change your mind."

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Avoid Fighting Pog
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When you go to the Dark Dragon's fort in the woods near Tantar/Tuntar, you will talk to a guy that asks you to come with him. Tell him no, and he will ask again. Keep selecting no and Bo will come in and kill him, so you won't have to fight Pog.

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999,999 Gold
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Start by depositing all your money. Then, make sure someone in your party has an item worth more than the most expensive item at any store. Try to trade said item for a cheaper one, then when asked if the trade is alright, say No. You will then have 999,999 gold.

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Cheat GeniusCheat GeniusBreath of Fire EASTER EGGS
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See Ryu from Breath of Fire II!
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Use Agni the best dragon spell against the Last Boss the Goddess. She will become her ultimate form. When you beat her you will get the "GOOD" Ending. At the end of the good ending you will see Nina, and Ryu smiling with a "The End" message, but wait about 15 seconds, and the old Ryu from Breath of Fire II will appear with a "To Be Continued" message. This is an added cookie exclusive to the GBA Breath of Fire, implying to play the GBA Breath of Fire II.

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Chun-Li Cameo
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While visiting Bleak, talk to the boy who thinks he is a magician. When he asks you to put coins on the table, and he'll make them disappear, agree to it. When he says ''Look behind you'', say No twice, then Yes once. After that, you should see Chun-Li practicing her Lightning Kick.

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