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AstroPop Deluxe cheats
Publisher: PopCap
Developer: Oberon Media
Release Date: September 2004
Genre: Puzzle
Last Update: 8 years ago
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Funky Town
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Notice how you get a different pitched beep when you mouse over each option on the main menu? Well, when played in the right order, these beeps play the tune to the classic song "Funky Town". Once the tune has been played, the screen gets a bit "disco-y", and the four player ships streak up the screen and the words "LET'S GO!" appear. (Cute.)

Here's how to play the song:
1) "Hall of Fame" x2
2) "Classic Game"
3) "Hall of Fame"
4) "Survival Game" x2
5) "Hall of Fame"
6) "Options"
7) "More Games"
8) "Quit Game"

Now just move your cursor off of "Quit Game" and the egg should run.

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