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God Hand cheats
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Clover Studio
Release Date: September 2006
Genre: Action
Last Update: 8 years ago
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Cheat Unlockable How to Unlock Cheat
Fighting Ring Battle 41-50 Beat the game once
Fighting Ring Battle 51 Clear Fighting Ring Battle 41-50
Hard Mode Beat the game on Normal Mode once
Chihuahua Race Clear Stage 2, then talk to the male NPC in the shop to play it
Fighting Ring challenges Clear Stage 1
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Contributing Users: TheGenius

Jukebox CDs

These are the ways to unlock the Jukebox CDs.

Cheat Unlockable How to Unlock Cheat
Jukebox A Complete the game in any difficulty once and it will appear at the shop.
Jukebox B Go to the casino for jackpot pulls, get a ticket to redeem the Jukebox cd.
Jukebox C Complete the game on (any difficulty) with the "Kick Me" sign on the entire game without using any GodHand Reels or Godhand Power.
Jukebox D Complete the game on Hard Mode to unlock it.
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Contributing Users: TheGenius


Start from second round, there'e an extra NPC in the shop, talk to him to change the costumes.

Cheat Unlockable How to Unlock Cheat
Carnival Beat the game once.
Devil Hand Beat the game once.
Karate Beat the game once.
Olivia's Bunny Girl Beat the game once.
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Contributing Users: TheGenius

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