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War of the Monsters cheats
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: Incognito Inc.
Release Date: January 2003
Genre: 3D
Last Update: 8 years ago
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Cheat Unlockable How to Unlock Cheat
Agamo's fourth costume (Mecha-Sweet Tooth) Have a Twisted Metal Black save on your memory card where you have beaten the game with Sweet Tooth
Big Shot minigame acquire 65,000 battle tokens
Capital level acquire 85,000 battle tokens
Crush-O-Rama minigame acquire 85,000 battle tokens
Dodgeball minigame acquire 105,000 battle tokens
Mini Baytown level acquire 65,000 battle tokens
Raptos acquire 200,000 battle tokens
UFO level acquire 105,000 battle tokens
Volcano level acquire 45,000 battle tokens
Zorgulon acquire 200,000 battle tokens
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Contributing Users: TheGenius

Mecha Sweet Tooth-PAL/UK version

To unlock this character in the PAL version of the game, amass at least 200000 battle tokens and purchase Agamo's 4th costume in the Unlocks menu.

Cheat Unlockable How to Unlock Cheat
Mecha Sweet Tooth Collect 200000 battle tokens.
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Contributing Users: TheGenius

Making of...War Of The Monsters-PAL version only

This is a short 8-10 minute feature which shows interviews with the developers of the game and the ideas behind the characters and features that make up War Of The Monsters.
To unlock this, you need to complete Aventure Mode with Raptros or Zorgulon.
NOTE:This only works in the PAL version.

Cheat Unlockable How to Unlock Cheat
Making of War Of The Monsters Finish the game with Raptros/Zorulon.
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Contributing Users: TheGenius

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