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Street Fighter II cheats
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Release Date: June 1992
Genre: 2D
Last Update: 8 years ago
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Cheat Code Effect Cheat
Go into the Options menu and press Start to return to the main menu. Repeat this process 27 times. Remove Energy Bars, Timers, and Sound
Press Down, R, Up, L, Y, B at the Capcom logo. Same character in VS Mode
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Contributing Users: TheGenius

Cheat GeniusCheat GeniusStreet Fighter II HINTS
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Get Full Character Profiles
Cheat Description Cheat

Press and hold L and R on the second controller to see their profiles.

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Contributing Users: TheGenius

Extra Sounds
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To listen to extra sounds on 1f to 23 on the Option Screen, go to sound 25, 26, or 27. Then rapidly press the R button. The new sounds should be there.

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Contributing Users: TheGenius

Extra endings
Cheat Description Cheat

To get better endings, beat the game at the highest difficulty. Each character has a different ending, so you can have 8 different endings!

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Contributing Users: TheGenius

Configuration Screen
Cheat Description Cheat

Hold the Select button while the world map is on the screen before a match begins. You will be able to change your controller configuration.

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Contributing Users: TheGenius

Cheat GeniusCheat GeniusStreet Fighter II GLITCHES
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Pass-by Opponents
Cheat Description Cheat

In order to do this, you'll need to have a "second player" and as "Player 2" chooses his/her character (i.e. you choosing the character as "Player 2's" character will be nothing more than a punching bag); you need to choose the character you're stuck on (which could be Chun Li, Honda E. or anybody else) and as you defeat that character that "Player 2" is controlling; you'll realize that the computer will take you to the next character.

Note: You cannot do this when fighting M. Bison, Vega or any other character that is not available to be chosen when playing the game.

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Contributing Users: TheGenius

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