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Super Street Fighter IV cheats
Publisher: Unknown
Developer: Capcom
Release Date: April 2010
Genre: 3D
Last Update: 6 years ago
Other Platforms:  
PS3 | X360
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Fighter Gta 4 Street Super Undefined
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Fight Gouken in Arcade Mode
Cheat Description Cheat
The Following Requirements must be met while playing Arcade Mode to fight Gouken, who will appear after the battle with Seth. (in default settlings. I.E. 3 Rounds): -Do not lose a single round -Perform 5 Super or Ultra Combo Finishes. -Score 2 Perfect Rounds (Not get hit a single time during a Round) -Connect 10 "First Hits" (When you're the first to connect a strike during a Round)
Cheat Cheat
Contributing Users: TheGenius

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Super Street Fighter IV
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