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Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes cheats
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: Phantagram
Release Date: January 2009
Genre: Fantasy
Last Update: 8 years ago
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Replay any mission
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After the credits roll when you beat a campaign, it will give you the option of making a new save. If you do, it will allow you to replay any stage in that campaign with your previous stats. Enemies aren't more powerful, but you can continue leveling up your characters after each mission. You can also have characters play other peoples missions. So if you completed both Walter's and Ellen' campaigns, you could have Ellen do any of Walter's missions and vice versa. The completed campaign saves need to be independant of each other for this to work.

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This is how to unlock characters.

Cheat Unlockable How to Unlock Cheat
Cirith Beat either Walter's or Leinhart's campaign.
Morene Beat either Rupert's or Cirith's campaign.
Rupert Beat Ellen's campaign
Urukubarr Beat Morene's campaign.
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